Licensing Vanity Cases is like accessorizing a little black dress...

                                                                                        The possibilities are limitless!

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Fab’ Art at your service!

Think how fabbity fab Vanity Cases would be on your product?!

If you have a Vanity vision, contact moi,

Collene Kennedy, at the VANITY STUDIO

and we’ll tawlk’! 

Click wine glasses

Ga’ head, look at some of my licensed products beyond cards ...

Vanity Art is at your service to fill your fabulous needs! 

Contact me, Collene Kennedy, in the Vanity Studio by clicking here:  Fab’ Vanity Message

Dahlings’, please come back because I’ll find more time to “show off” and share more of my licensed products! 

Until then,

Air kisses and accessories wishes/ Collene