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Vanity Mantra: Who cares how you feel on the inside, as long as you look fabulous on the outside?!

I'm never and I mean never, without my lipstick powder and pearls and frankly, as a Mom E. Person who works from home, that's just the right amount of adornment to fool people into thinking I' m pulled together! Oh it's all smoke and mirrors!  And it's from those mirrors that I come up with my Vanity reflections that translate into Vanity Cases art and humor.

I've written & illustrated & licensed my woman-humor greeting cards for years but no single company can keep pace with my endless Vanity observations, lipstick life lines and art which, is the fun of having my own on-line shops where I’m the She.E.O. and can add new items without waiting for a millionty approvals!

In my sorta’ past life, I lived in NY and LA, where I was in fashion and entertainment PR and marketing.  I mean really, between living in New York for a dozen years, being a Hollywood Publicist in Los Angeles and a PR Director and spokesperson for a major Bridal company for quite a few years [here] in suburban Philadelphia, can you imagine the wealth of Vanity humor I have in my mental bank account from just the actors and brides alone?!

Vanity is the nucleus of my humor, even though there is NOTHING funny about what I see eroding, I mean evolving in the mirror everyday!  I guess it’s all how you look at things.  I tend to look on the bright side of everything and call myself a a pragmatic optimist. I’m happiest when my kids (and husband) are happy -- and when I’m having a good hair day and wearing the perfect shade of red lipstick (but isn’t everybody?!)

Air kisses and Accessory wishes ! ! !/ Co!!ene

“I abide by the Charlie Brown Christmas-Tree dress mode!

The more accessories & adornments - the more fabulous!”

Well of course I used a highly filtered, artsy photo! What?  You thought I would use a high-focus image?  I mean seriously...Why?  I like to think my personality can’t be captured in a photo!  Plus, you get the idea, bleached blonde and my ever present red (well in this case blue) lipstick and pearls!

Random Vanity Thought
If you have time to brush your teeth everyday, you have time to swipe on a lil’ mascara and lipstick!
(I’m just sayin’!)

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